Learn How You Can Attach Your Cars With Uber & Ola Cabs

Start Your Own Business Today With Ola And Uber Cabs

OlaCabs happens to be an online transportation company from where you can avail cab services online. You can book economic to luxury cabs online. You can book the cabs via a mobile app. You can make payment by cash or online while using Ola. The transportation company has services in different cities which include Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, etc. Recently the transportation company has also expanded their services to the cities of Jaipur, Chandigarh, Guwahati, Indore. This transportation company gets a booking of 150,000 per day and has brought a renaissance in the field of transportation. The cab services have reliable drivers, and thus you can be assured of safety and security as you avail this cab service.

Attach your cars with uber & ola cabs

Uber is an online transportation network based company with headquarters in San Francisco, it is known to offer quality transportation services across different metro cities of India. You can book a cab from any place via the mobile app. The drivers will pick you from your doorsteps and will drop you at your destination point without any hassles with the aid of Uber. The services of Uber are also extended to the cities of Chicago, New York, Washington, D.C. You do not need to worry about your safety as you book a cab through Uber.

Believe it or not, Ola and Uber can be an excellent idea if you are planning to run your own business in the transit industry. People attach their vehicles with OLA cabs and Uber and have been earning a significantly good amount of money as they start the business with Ola & Uber Cabs. Your business grows at a faster rate, and many college guys and housewives have attached their cars with these transportation companies.

Here is a tutorial to guide you how to attach car with ola & uber cabs to earn money and for starting a business.

  1. You can connect a new car for starting the business. You can also use the current used commercial car for the purpose, but it has to be in good and proper working condition.
  2. You can hire a driver who has a commercial license for driving the vehicle. You can also drive the car yourself provided you have a driving license.
  3. There are few documents that you need to submit for connecting your cabs to Ola and Uber. Some of these documents include PAN Card, ID Proof, Police Verification, Voter ID Card, Driving License and Bank Statements.
  4. As mentioned, you can attach your car to Ola, Uber and similar online transportation company to start a business. Hence to get registered with the cab company, you need to contact them. It is also a prerequisite to open a current account with the business.
  5. It is also important that you should be applying for Income Tax and you should have Service Tax Number registration for proceeding the business with these online transportation companies in the country of India.
  6. As already mentioned, Ola and Uber has its offices in almost all the cities of India. Hence you can contact the nearest regional office for starting the business. You can also contact the Main Office for attaching the car for the business.
  7. As you have finished the registrations, the company will send a new smartphone within a period of 7days with an app featuring OLA or UBER.
  8. A representative of the online transportation company will give you a call for the purpose of inspection.
  9. The representative will provide you with various details, the smartphone with the featured app, necessary guidelines, and the other required things.
  10. Contact them, if you want to make a good amount of money with this online transportation company.

Bonuses and Incentives Of Ola & Uber Cabs

Instructions To Attach Your Car With Ola Cabs:-

Among the various cab companies, Ola has become number one transportation company in the Indian market. The affordable charges have made people use the cab. Apart from using the mobile app for booking Ola cab, you can also make use of web browser for the purpose.

attach car with uber & ola

The type of car you can book your Ola services include

  • Ola Autos
  • Ola Prime Sedan
  • Ola Mini
  • Ola OutStaion
  • Ola Luxury

Bonus On Ola Cabs

On the successful completion of one ride, Ola takes a commission of 10% on the total bill. Ola app calculates the commission itself. Ola is known to offer bonuses during peak hour. The peak hour timing is between 7 AM to 12:30 PM during day time whereas in evening, the peak hours are 5 PM to 11 PM.

  1. Bonus during Peak Hours: As you accomplish a ride during the peak hours, you will receive a premium of 250 INR. You can work during peak hours to earn a good amount of money.
  2. Bonus on Airport Drop: As you provide drop for a customer at the airport, you will be awarded a bonus of 800 INR after the completion of the ride. The company will deposit the amount to your account.
  3. Bonus on 12 Ride Completing: As you accomplish 12 rides in a single day, you will receive a premium of 4500 INR into your account.

Please Note: The bonuses may vary from time to time, however. You will get the prerequisite information at the time your car is attached to the online transportation company.

Attach Your Car With Uber Cabs

Uber contributes to being among the top transportation companies that are growing at a tremendous rate. Currently, the services of Uber is available in 11 different cities of India. With a value of $50 billion, the company provides opportunities to car owners to start their own business. Uber is known to impart more profits In Attaching Car With UberCabs & OlaCabs. It also provides a higher bonus in comparison to Ola and taxi. Henceforth, it has gained more popularity more than any other transportation company.

Uber Cabs have the following categories:

  • UberX(sedan)
  • UberGo (Mini)
  • Uber XL (SUV)
  • Uber Vip (For Business)

Like Ola, you can also attach cars with Uber to start a business of your own. Follow the below-mentioned steps for attaching cabs with Uber:

How to Attach Cars with Uber:

Uber has different offices in different cities of India. You can contact the nearest regional Uber office for attaching a car with Uber. You can also give a call directly to the main branch for registering your vehicle.

  1. For attaching the car with Uber, it is paramount that the car should be in a good condition.
  2. You need to show images of your vehicle to the company, and the company will verify it at their nearest regional office. You can also go for attaching your vehicle with Uber by registering the car for Uber Cab via their official website.
  3. Are you thinking “I want to attach my car to cabs company.” It is a must that you need to submit various documents to Uber before starting a business with Uber. The documents you need to submit to Uber office includes Pan Card, Voter ID card, Adhar card, bank statement details.
  4. Next to it, you will be provided with a smartphone that has features of Uber app.
  5. The staffs from Uber will provide wide information about the steps, guidelines, offer and other policies of the company.
  6. After this step, you have to open a current bank account where all the payment will be made.
  7. You will be able to run your vehicle as a Uber cab in the city within a period of next seven days.

Documents required for attaching car with Uber

  • Driving license is one of the most important documents required.
  • Copy of latest police verification
  • Insurance Paper
  • Voter ID card
  • Pan Card
  • RC and one cancelled cheque
  • Permit

Bonuses paid by UberCabs

Uber is known to offer more reward than any cab company in India. Uber makes payments on every Monday of the week. Uber, however, deducts 20 % of the total fare as commission. The bonus offered by Uber is listed below:

The peak time for Uber is 7 AM to 12:30 PM during day time whereas in evening, the peak time is 5 PM to 11 PM.

  1. Bonus On Peak Hour: During peak hours, Uber offers a bonus of 250 INR as a single ride is completed.
  2. Bonuses On 12 Rides Per Day: On successful completion of 12 rides per day, you will be awarded a bonus above four thousand INR.
  3. Bonus On AirPort Drop: Uber is also known to proffer a high bonus after the completion of a single airport drop. You will avail an additional 700 rupees as you make an airport drop.
  4. Other Bonuses: Apart from the bonus mentioned above, Uber offers various external bonus which you can avail every month.

As you accomplish at least seven rides on a daily basis, you will be able to earn an amount of more than 85 thousand. It is the minimum sum of money you will take. The amount of money you make is exclusively dependent on the number of orders, you will make. The amount of bonus may differ with time. You will be informed about all the details as you attach your car with Uber.

How much money you can earn by connecting cabs wth Ola and Uber

If you have accomplished 6-7 rides every day, you can make a minimum amount of 62 thousand. As you continue to take more orders, the amount of payment will be enhanced. Also, peak hours, airport drop and other bonuses add to your income. Many people who earn lakhs of money every month by attaching their cabs to the online transportation companies of Ola and Uber. Live a luxury and comfortable life with the cab business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you find a good driver for the cab business?

Finding a good driver for the cab business can be full of hassles. You can find a driver into small towns. You can get good drivers at lesser requirement in the small towns.

Is it possible to hire two drivers for a single car?

You certainly can. It also helps in enhancing the profit of your business as you hire two drivers. Divide the time among the drivers to make the best use of it.

How can you avail commercial license for Cabs business?

Uber and Ola helps you to avail a commercial license for their business. As you contact these online transportation companies, you will be guided at every step, and you eventually get the license.

How much profit will you earn through this cab business?

If your driver drives the car 336 hours in a single month, you can earn up to lakhs of rupees, including bonus and incentives.

Is it possible to attach a single car with two cabs companies?

Yes, you can. You can attach a car with different transportation companies. However, you need to keep in mind that you have to switch off the devices so that money does not get deducted from our account. If you do not response for the next ride or cancel the same, money gets deducted from the account as fault fee as you have not taken the order.

Which car is the best for cab business?

  • Toyota Innova
  • Nano
  • Maruti Swift
  • Tata Etios
  • Nissan Sunny
  • Maruti Swift Dzire
  • Tata Indica
  • Maruti Ritz


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